The Excessive Methods Guy Has Tried out to Cheat Death

Taking in monkey brains, consuming blood and 22 other methods man has attempted to cheat death

1600 B.C.

An antiwrinkle recipe for &#8220transforming an previous gentleman into a youth&#8221 is recorded on the back of an ancient papyrus. It phone calls for h2o mixed with one thing referred to as hemayet fruit, and then boiled and dried.


These who want to stay a for a longer time daily life are recommended to take in a mix of root powder, gold, honey and butter soon after a morning bathtub, in accordance to the Sushruta Samhita, an historic Sanskrit health care text.


Alchemist Li Shao Chun advises the Han Emperor to eat with utensils created of gold transmuted from cinnabar, a potentially poisonous compound known nowadays as mercury sulfide.


Cleopatra supposedly bathes in donkey&#8217s milk to protect her youthful splendor. It was largely a skin remedy.


Pliny the Elder studies of Romans with epilepsy rushing to consume blood from gladiators to remedy their ailment and gain energy and vigor. (Pliny did not feel this was a excellent notion.)

CIRCA three hundred [ANIMAL ORGANS]

For historic Taoists, the best diet program for longevity includes spices, veggies, turtles, crane eggs and other meals from long-dwelling creatures. Performing breath workouts and abstaining from orgasm are also encouraged.


The alchemist Ge Hong describes a medication manufactured from the brains of a distinct kind of monkey that, mixed with herbs, would lengthen existence up to five hundred several years.


In The Remedy of Previous Age, the monk and thinker Roger Bacon recommends ingesting wine and powders made of gold, pearl, coral and bone from a stag&#8217s coronary heart. He also encouraged consuming vipers.

1489 [BLOOD]

Philosopher Marsilio Ficino suggests the aged drink the blood of youthful males to rejuvenate on their own. A number of many years later, Pope Harmless VIII supposedly tried it. He died soon after.


Luigi Cornaro begins a sequence on how to live a lengthy life. He emphasizes moderation in all things. The function is hugely well-known and is translated into multiple languages.


To protect her youth, Diane de Poitiers, mistress to Henry II of France and 20 a long time his senior, drinks a mixture which includes gold chloride and diethyl ether.

1623 [BATHS]

Sir Francis Bacon posits that individuals hoping for a lengthy lifestyle need to preserve the spirit and repair injury rapidly. To attain these ends he endorses opium and baths.


Tobias Whitaker, later on physician to King Charles II of England, advocates wine as obtaining a part in extending daily life. Whitaker most likely dies in his 60s.

1667 [BLOOD]

French medical doctor Jean-Baptiste Denis performs the first animal-human blood transfusion. The human client recovered afterward.


George Cheyne, the groundbreaking doctor who sophisticated vegetarianism, suggests that these who consume only drinking water from a younger age could reside to be a hundred.

1796 [VIRGINS]

The German medical professional Christoph Hufeland suggests lying up coming to younger women&#8211not for sexual intercourse, but to sleep in the proximity of youth. This was frequent in other nations.


At age seventy two, Charles-&Eacutedouard Brown-S&eacutequard, a physiologist and neurologist, injects himself for a few weeks with an aqueous extract of canine and guinea-pig testes, testicular blood and seminal fluid.


The Swiss doctor Maximilian Bircher-Benner claims raw foodstuff, which he termed &#8220sunlight foods,&#8221 is the crucial to prolonging lifestyle. He later gets to be recognized as the creator of muesli.

CIRCA 1901

Foreseeable future Russian Nobel laureate &Eacutelie Metchnikoff suggests that ageing may be countered with a lactic-acid-rich diet plan that involves the regular consumption of bitter milk as a way to repopulate the intestines with great micro organism.


Eugen Steinach experiments with a popular procedure that entails a partial vasectomy. Amid his patients have been W.B. Yeats and Sigmund Freud. The latter hoped it may possibly sluggish his jaw most cancers. It didn&#8217t.


Serge Voronoff, a Russian &eacutemigr&eacute to France, popularizes the thought of transplanting testicular glands from chimpanzees and monkeys into guys as a way to restore youthful vigor. By the finish of 1926, Voronoff would assert a thousand grafts.


Dr. Charles G. Davis writes about radium as a wonder drug that &#8220vivifies the residing cell&#8221 and can alleviate ailments of outdated age.

Nineteen twenties [TESTICLES] [ANIMAL ORGANS]

John Brinkley, a radio evangelist and quack in Kansas, transplants testicular glands from goats into people. His radio and healthcare licenses have been revoked in 1930.

1930 [BLOOD]

British newspapers report that a guy named Giocondo Protti successfully rejuvenated the aged by executing blood transfusions from young donors.

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